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About Mercury


Many things have changed in the financial services industry over the years. But one key thing remains the same: excellent service & top-notch support never go out of style.

One of the core tenets of Mercury is to always bring you the best service & support in the industry. We take a different approach than many of our competitors. Their approach is a “hire the cheapest people you can find” route. While that may be beneficial to them from an expense standpoint, it leaves you the broker working with sub-par talent. That’s not the Mercury way.

We pride ourselves in bringing to you experienced, sharp, capable people who excel at what they do. All of our key client facing support staff have at least 10+ years in the business and know how to get things done for you and your clients.

In addition we offer our Planning Specialists, part of our Wealth Advisory Group, located throughout the U.S. Our Specialists are extremely knowledgeable in the Advanced Planning arena and stand ready to assist you in the more complex, sophisticated situations. Many brokers have found their Mercury Specialist to be invaluable.
To paraphrase an old Smith Barney advertisement, “we do business the old fashioned way, we want to
EARN your business.”

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Give us a call and find out why so many successful brokers have chosen Mercury as their one source. We think you too will see there truly is a “Mercury Difference”.