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The Mercury Life Insurance Process:   Unrivaled service and ease of business

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Mercury Brokerage Group is committed to providing agents and their clients with unrivaled support and service. Your Mercury representative will provide you with appropriate recommendations, clear expectations of the process, and a smooth experience. Our services include:

  • Plan design, product selection and client facing support as needed
  • Value added case management provided by our skilled case managers
  • Underwriting expertise advocating on behalf of your client for the optimal offer & price
  • Contracting/appointment assistance
  • Underwriting assistance to track down necessary forms and other items
  • Easy, quick no-signature application process

What to Expect

At Mercury Brokerage Group your client’s experience is unique and will receive personal attention and follow-through. We will handle all these duties on a typical case:

Discovery Orders and reviews in-force illustrations
Preliminary field underwriting
Compiles insurance illustrations
License verification Verifies appointments and helps facilitate if necessary
Completion of forms, applications Mercury will provide agents with applications for ease of completion
Underwriting review process Manages all underwriting duties, including ordering medical exams & records
Policy presentation & delivery Send policy to agent for delivery to client. Your Mercury team can be available in person or on the phone for policy delivery if needed
On-going communication Mercury always keeps the agent in the loop. Our teams provide timely and real-time progress reports on each step of the process


If you have any questions regarding the Mercury Life Insurance Process, reach out to your Mercury representative. They will be happy to answer all your questions.